Cedar Fish Planks

Cedar Fish Planks. From renewable Pacific NW forests. For grilling meat, chicken, or fish. The most delicious way to grill, retaining all the juices and moisture, without having them burnt out or dried out by direct grilling. If you've never tried grilling in this way, treat yourself to some planks and get ready for a new experience. All you do is submerge and soak the planks in cold water for 2-3 hours. Place on your grill on LOW heat, and brush a little olive oil on the top surface of the plank. Place your chicken or fish skin side down, and don't flip. Cooking will take about 50% longer than usual. The smoke from the cedar will flavor your entree. It is not toxic. You can also baste the meats, or spread on your favorite sauces. Make sure you don't put on so much that it drips off onto the grill. A spray bottle on hand might help in the slight case of flare-ups. Delicioso!

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