Juicing! Probably the best birthday gift I just got for my wife was a Breville compact juicer. We've been

making a wonderful breakfast drink from celery, carrots, red apple, pear, ginger root, lime, red or yellow beets, and almond milk. Plus, some blueberries on occasion. Still have carrots in the ground, and celery growing profusely in our 2 Grow Y'own beds, even now at the end of January! Kale and chard is a little dormant, but its showing signs of picking up on some of these warmer days. I've got an order to put in a blueberry and strawberry open box for a client, so will let you know how that one works out, even though we've had many clients put in strawberries and had success. You have to grow blueberries in sphagnum moss, so the bed mix is a little different! A recent studyby a Women's Health organization said that through their studies, you can reduce your risk of heart attack by 1/3 by eating 2 or 3 servings of blueberries or strawberries per week. This shouldn't be too hard for anyone to swallow! And, in the Winter, sugars come up into the plants, so everything is a bit sweeter, like candy carrots, sugar beets, and sweet lettuces! You can get a Breville from Amazon on line for under a $100!

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