Soil Mix for Grow Beds

Soil Mix of the Grow Bed

The mix I like to use for the 4'x8' unit is: 

  • ¾ yd topsoil/compost mix

  • 2- 2.2 cu ft bags Moonshine Potting Mix

  • Sprinkling of Age Old Grow formula around each start for above ground plants, Fruit Finish for subterranean plants

    I put in 1/2 the ingredients and mix thoroughly, and then the other 1/2 and mix.

Remember, like location, location, location, its all about soil, soil, soil!

  • Use 1/2 the mix for a 4'x4' unit
  • Use 2/3 of the mix for the 4'x6' unit is in between the two.
  • Use 1/4 mix for a 2’x4’ unit