Watering Your Grow Bed

Watering the Grow Bed

You can either hand water your Grow Y’own bed, or set it up on a 6” spaced drip line and timer system. I like both ways of watering, but the latter is easy, hands-free, and automatic. I plant next to each emitter- larger plants like kale and chard 1’ apart, and lettuces and herbs 6” apart. This way, each plant gets a proper amount of water and space to grow. I drill one end of the box, and feed a ½” blue stripe, irrigation hose into the unit. I then attach ¼” laser line with 6” emitters every 6” along the 1/2” manifold, and run them from end to end of the length of the box. I use an Orbit 2 dial timer at the faucet, and attach the ½” bluestripe to it. I set the timer for daily use in the Summer at between 2 and 10 minutes depending upon the size of the unit, and the water pressure of each home. You don’t want to flood the bed in any sense, but simply lightly saturate it. In the Winter-time, you’ll water only when necessary, like when it looks like the plants are drooping or stressing. Once a month is not uncommon. Never sog out the soil. This a contained environment like a terrarium, that holds and produces its own moisture. One way to check when to water is to stick your finger next to one of the plants, down about 1”- 1-1/2”. If its moist, don’t water. If its dry, give it a little! I have test-run a Parrot Flower Power device, that is a smart, wireless sensor equipped with a Bluetooth Smart Technology. It analyzes 4 criteria that are crucial to plant growth- soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature, and light intensity. It works quite well, and takes the guess work out of ‘when to water, fertilize, or adjust the ambient heat and light situations’.