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International Grow Y'own growth!

Last week, I received a request from Quito, Ecuador for help with growing food at a new spa. We decided that since it was too expensive to ship the wooden beds, that I would supply them with measurements, they would build the beds, and we would ship them the covers. So off they go to Quito. I've also had requests from Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, and France. Maybe its in the air, but Grow Y'own and the idea of growing food locally is sweeping the planet. We're still far behind many countries which have this as their daily regiment, and have been doing it for centuries. We're catchin' up! Soon beds in schools, at restaurants, shelters, community housing, youth centers, and in most home will be a common thing. The carbon footprint dissolves, and we are left with a much cleaner and healthier planet!

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