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Veggies for Allergies

Allergy season has begun, early, here in NM. The winds are blowin', the juniper pollen is flyin' through the air, dried grasses are piling up in corners and against walls, and people all around town are sniffin' and cryin'! And its only mid-February!! If you've got veggies in your Grow Y'own's, then more than likely you have some of the best things to eat to counter the allergies. Dark, green, leafy veggies- especially kales, deep yellow and orange ones like carrots, beets and their tops, onions, and garlic to name a few. Also very helpful are ginger, horseradish, cayenne, yams, and cabbage. One season I eliminated bread, dairy products, sugar, and chocolate, and it made a world of difference! Yes, unfortunately....chocolate!! Oh NO Mr. Bill!!

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