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Death and Planting

A longtime friend chose her 'right-to-die' alternative the other day. The pain and suffering had become intolerable for her, so she bravely ended things. At one time in her life, she was an accomplished vegetable gardener. One of her greatest joys was to grow things, can them, and create a luxurious pantry for the long, snow-bound months of Idaho. There is hardly a more rewarding feeling, than when its 40 below zero outside, the snow is 8' deep on the level, inside is toasty warm from the 24/7 burning woodstove, and you go to your pantry to view 20-30 different kinds of fruits and veggies, all canned and ready to go into another delicious Winter meal. So this Spring, as I am planting my crops that will sustain us throughout the year, I'll think of the beautiful life I am creating, I'll think of my dear friend, and I'll recall her great spirit that she put into gardening and growing her own nourishing food supply.

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