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Gift Yourself a Garden!

Xmas is over, the presents AND the tree are gone and put away, and its a quiet time to start planning what to plant this season in your garden. For those already with Grow Y'own raised beds, you're probably continuing to grow and harvest from your existing units. For anyone who has longed to or thought about getting a Grow Y'own and starting a year round gardening program, why wait? You can get setup now, plant starts, install a heat system, and by the beginning of March, your bed will be flourishing and you'll have a 2-3 month jump on the season. We plant 12 months a year here in New Mexico, and for states like Arizona and California, its a no-brainer. So put the catalogues down, pick up the phone, and call for an appointment with Ken. Grow Y'own now! You'll be glad you didn't wait till May!!

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