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Gimme Shelter

At the end of last year, I joined CCLI, (Climate Change Leadership Institute) in Santa Fe, NM, in their effort to 'gift' raised beds to Youth Shelters, and in the future, to low-income housing recipients and community housing projects. By growing their own food supply, these residents will be able to raise their own organic vegetables and herbs, without having to go to stores and pay inflated prices for 'natural' foods, that they can easily grow themselves out their back doors! We can all affect climate change, by changing the way we eat and obtain our food sources, and by growing what we consume the most in whatever forms that we can afford. Now in its 8th season, Grow Y'own continues to be committed to helping people achieve these goals, both locally and nationally, one by one, and family by family. 1,000 beds later, the movement is becoming stronger than ever, and with partners like CCLI, it will grow exponentially, enriching individuals with better health. 

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