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Fast Foods- To Eat, or Not to Eat

Fast Foods. What to eat, and what to never eat. Four nutritional pitfalls to avoid-  1)Opt out of cheese and condiments such as mayonnaise and tartar sauce, which can add unhealthy types of fat. Use mustard or vinegar to add flavor as desired. 2)Avoid anything deep-fried, as these foods contain altered fats that are pro-inflammatory and detrimental to the body 3) Skip the soda, since it has no nutritional value and adds unnecessary calories to an already nutritionally challenged meal. 4) Avoid  desserts, as there are more than enough calories in fast food, and there's no need to add a surgary finale! If you MUST go to a fast food restaurant, then try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables if possible, drink water or tea, try veggie or soy burger alternatives, and opt for yogurt or fruit parfaits for dessert. Your body will thank you!




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