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13 Foods to Eat ONLY Organic!!

According to the Environmental Working Group, and transcribed by Dr. Andrew Weil, these are the 13 Foods to Eat Only Organic, due to the fact that they are the most likely to contain pesticide residue. This 'Dirty Dozen Plus' list includes: Apples, celery, peaches, strawberries, sweet bell peppers, spinach, nectarines (imported), grapes, green beans, lettuce, cucumbers, blueberries (domestic), and potatoes. Plus kale and collard greens contain organophosphate insecticides, which EWG characterizes as 'highly toxic' and of special concern. Celery, sweet bells, spinach, green beans, lettuce, cukes, and potatoes can ALL be grown in your Grow Y'own hooped and covered raised beds...for FREE! Go to my website- growyown.com for more blogs, info, and recipes!




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