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Cover Up! The covers ARE the key to growing in most places in the US. Here in the Southwest, they are most important for keeping out the heavy-duty UV sun, abrasive winds, and all critters, while still letting in 85% sunlight. In the Pacific NW, they keep out the relentless rains that can drown crops. In the East and Midwest, they protect your plants from mice, packrats, squirrels, rabbits, skunk, raccoon, deer, and even bear. In Arizona and Utah, they shield your greens from the 100 degree+ sun. In the Winter, we use our 6mill, UV resistant plastic cover, which serves as a waterproof barrier, over our triple-weight, breathable, UV resistant polypropylene layer, which serves as an insulation skin, thus creating a double-paned window effect. Both Summer and Winter covers have the option of zippable, opening flaps that allow for better bed aeration. We also retrofit beds to any particular situation, keeping a pattern on file for future orders. All the covers are simple and easy to use and operate, since all you have to do is slide them up on the UV resistant hoops, and clip them when you want to work in the bed, give it more air and sunshine, and let the beneficial insects inside like parasitic wasps, ladybugs, lacewings, and even birds, to keep your garden free from the bad bugs.  Most gardeners give up on their greens in mid-Summer because of the heat, but we plant 12 months a year, even at the hottest times! The covers keep your delicates from becoming brittle, bolting, and tasting bitter. So why grow for only 6 months, when you can be enjoying free food for 12?!? Learn to cover up, and fresh, organic, healthy crops will be your's for the picking year round! 

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