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Seeds. Yes, its that time of year again. Maybe even a little late for some. But, you still have time to check out one of the coolest Heirloom catalogues for seeds from all over the world. Especially if you're looking for seeds that will do well in hot, dry, and windy conditions like here in New Mexico! Micki and her husband, at www.skyfiregardenseeds.com, have assembled a prodigious selection of seeds- over 100 Heirloom tomato varieties, eggplant, squash, and more. They also have mixes of flower seeds that I guarantee you haven't grown before. I have been getting seeds from them for years, and ones like from Russia, Afghanistan, and other places have produced unusual, prolific crops. These are non-GMO, non-altered seeds that you can have peace of mind growing. And the catalogue will take you to places you've never been. So order now, enjoy your new crops, and SAVE YOUR SEEDS for next year!

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