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Water. Every drop counts. Here in the desert Southwest, we all MUST try to conserve and contain water as much as we possibly can. That was one of the premises of Grow Y'own at the beginning, and continuously. These beds are highly water retentive, and they recycle it through condensation and then drip-release, over and over. They act along the same principles as a terrarium, in that once the water is inside the beds and under the covers, it takes a much longer time to dissipate than in an outdoor garden that's exposed to the sun and wind. I have clients that haven't watered their beds in the Winter for 2-3 months, and finally open them up and they have growing plants. And outside the beds, mulch is the key for healthier plant growth, as well as 'welling'. Due to the caliche (clay) content in our soil, most water that falls from the sky is either evaporated, or runs off. So its very important to contain it as much as we can. The drops you save today, could be the tipping point for the plants that will ultimately sustain you.

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