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Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping. Maybe this is the year your rip out that Bermuda grass, and replace it with something you can eat! A field of mint, English thyme crawling amongst flagstones, red orach covering the ground in deep purple, violets and violas intermingled with sorrel bushes and mounds of herbs. Along your walls and fences, a beautiful array of different-colored amaranths, sunflowers, artichokes, peas, beans, and so much more. Surely the squirrels and rabbits can't eat everything! Share the wealth, and have plenty left over to give to friends, neighbors, shelters, and family. And if planting 'out in the open' is just impossible because of critters, then do it in a Grow Y'own raised bed, and have the protection from the heavy-duty UV sun, the intense, abrasive winds, and all animals. See more at growyown.com, but THIS Summer, increase your bounty many fold, and think and grow beyond your normal boundaries.

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