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Shishitos. Those delicious Japanese Summertime peppers, and for those you 'can', year round! I put them up in a salt water and vinegar brine, and pull them out anytime as a mid-Winter treat. They have no heat index like their sister peppers- the Padrons. To cook them, you heat a bit of olive oil in a pan, saute them, slowly, for about 10 minutes till they start to blister, sprinkle with a little salt, and serve. You can 'pop' the whole pepper, and throw away the stem. They're great as an appetizer, and they're pretty infectious, so make plenty of them! Some folks like to make them with some chopped sauteed garlic as they cook, or just squeeze on some lemon. Any way you do it, you'll be coming back for more. Many of the vendors at the Fall Santa Fe Farmer's Market cook them in their booths, and serve them to wide-eyed attendees. So next year, don't wait till they come around again. Can those babies, and be the envy of all those aficionados of this special dish. More on canning- here, and on my Grow Y'own Facebook page!

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