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Gardening for Stress Reduction

Stress, who's stressed? A lot of times, we don't even realize how stressed out we are, but our body does! Those sudden pains and aches that you can't explain throughout your body, shortness of breath, lack of concentration. All can potentially be attributable to stress. For supplemental relief, you can try Mega B stress complex, more Omega 3 in your diet, Valerian, Cal/Mag, St John's Wort, or L-Theanine tea. As well, breathing exercises, nature walks, or meditation, can really calm things down. But the wonderful, all-pervasive, long-lasting, stress-buster is gardening in your raised bed(s). Digging your hands into that primal soil growing medium, quietly attending to your plants by trimming, watering, and picking, being out in the sunshine and breathing fresh air, and knowing that your efforts are going to be greatly rewarded when you eat food that you have grown and cared for yourself. Ah, its a simple wonder that's free and there for your taking! So just pull the trigger, and start to Grow Y'own!!

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