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A quote from 'The Juicing Bible' by Pat Crocker....

'Juicing plays a major role in ensuring a healthy diet by making it easier to consume the recommended 5-8 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. One large glass of pure, raw, fresh juice per day will help improve the immune system, increase energy, strengthen bones, clear skin, and lower the risk of disease. For maximum benefit, it is wise to consume a wide variety of juices from different types of organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Be sure to incorporate juices into a well-balanced, high-fiber, whole food diet. Extracted juices should not completely replace whole fruits and vegetables since their fiber is important for eliminating toxins and preventing some forms of cancer.'

   One client of mine has 4 raised beds, and she grows strictly chards, kales, arugula, and spinach, so that she can juice 3 times a day, and rotate her 'pickings'. We regularly juice carrots, celery, apples, pears, ginger, lime, Chinese salt, and almond milk into an enlivening breakfast smoothie in our Breville juicer. Mostly gone, but definitely not forgotten, are the days of the heavy Champion juicers, which supplied many of us with our 'breakfast-of-Champions-morning-supplement' drink. Any way that you can juice it, it is an essential way for us to stay healthy, using the prolific greens from our raised bed gardens!


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