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FDR said, "The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself". 

In raised bed gardening, soil is location, location, location. Its HAS to be correct for it to work. Our formula for the soil mix in our raised beds is 70 compost, 20% topsoil, sand, clay, and vermiculite. This mix allows water to penetrate deep down to the roots of plants, and does not 'pond' on top of the surface. We also add in Metro Mix 560, which is a blend of perlite, dolomite, vermicultie, coir, and crushed bark, to create more aeration. You always want to keep your soil mix light and unpacked. On top of the soil, we lastly sprinkle on Age Old Growth Root Rally and Grow granules, and gently work them into the top inch of the soil. This gives starts and seeds something to feed on immediately when transplanting or propagating. Its hard enough to enrich bad soil, easy enough to start with great soil, and irreparable to contaminate our growing medium with chemicals and pesticides. It totally defeats the purpose of raising an 'organic' garden, and then using horrible additives to make it grow quicker, prettier, and bigger. We are attempting to get to a point of feeding ourselves with crops that we, ourselves, grow- knowing how they were planted, watered, cared for, and picked. It is sustainability at the highest level. Using the purest water source that is available is the second part of the equation. Hoses that are not 'Eco' hoses- those which do not contain lead-, are not suitable for growing organic food. MOST commercial hoses DO contain lead, as well as 'soaker' hoses, which make the hoses more flexible. I have never talked to anyone who knew this! Look for the 'ECO' sticker on all products to be sure that they are safe. Water and grow your food organically, ever conscious that there are unconscious people who want to destroy our soil and compromise our health. 

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