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No-brainer Gardening!

No-brainer gardening! Sometimes, you don't even have to water and your plants will keep growing in your Grow Y'own Hooped and Covered raised bed(s)! I just r&r'ed some client's bed yesterday outside of Santa Fe. I cleaned out all the dried crops from last year, turned the soil and pulled out all the fine roots, refertilized, replanted new starts- chards, kales, arugula, sorrel, lettuces, and herbs, watered, and closed everything back up. They already had young, mid-Winter green onions and sorrel coming up, and their herbs- marjoram, oregano, thyme, rosemary, were still green and ready to burst once again. He said that he hadn't even looked inside his bed since Thanksgiving, nor had he watered or given it any air! This was 2 months of no attention. Imagine what it would have been like if he had watered just once every month! To win the Lottery, you at least must buy a ticket. But with a Grow Y'own bed, all you have to do for success is simply get it started, and watch it go/grow!

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