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Hot Peppers

Harvests are in, and peppers have been canned! HOT peppers that is! Its the one thing that I KNOW I'm always going to do in the Fall. With more vitamin C than anything in nature, its a must to put them away and have them through the Winter when we're the most susceptible to colds and flu. Whenever I start to feel sick, I sit down and fire down a few blazing pieces until I get a good sweat going- inside and out! This year it was 9 different kinds of peppers, 2-3 different kinds of carrots, onions, garlic, and oregano, mixed with Sicilian Lemon olive oil and Tahitian Lime vinegar. It made a great looking Xmas mix, and jars will go to those who can withstand the heat. I called it Fuego Mercado, or Market Fire. Bottoms up!

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