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Swiss Chard 2

Swiss Chard! So prolific, and so good for you! This is another blog on chard after an earlier one I wrote. Just want you to keep in mind that it will be one of your biggest staples in your GYO beds. If you juice, then kale and chard are the things that will keep you in greens, year-round! Its SO easy to grow, and will more than likely have you trying to figure out what to do with it all. Friends, family, and your local food banks and shelters will be able to use plenty of your extra stash. Its loaded with vitamins and other minerals, and is a great choice to lower cancer risk. You can substitute it for spinach or collard greens, and the lighter the chard, the more tender, although all the varietals are delicious. Simple, simple to prepare. A little lemon, olive oil, and garlic will turn this wonderful green into something even more delicious. Plant it now for an abundant growing season!

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