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Springtime in New Mexico!

Springtime is around the corner! Even though those March winds are about to start blowin' on a daily basis, they just can't keep those warm days from comin' on! Its time to start clearing out your Grow Y'own beds of all the old or withered plants, trim back the ones that are growing of any dead leaves or long and straggly runners, boost the soil with a little Yum Yum mix, Earth Magic, Protein crumblies, Age Old Growth, worm castings, or compost, and get ready to start your early peas, (St. Patty's Day), and new lettuces, chards, kales, sorrel, herbs, radishes, and leeks. You can get a 2-1/2 month jump on the season with Grow Y'own covered beds, and be eating baby greens salads in March instead of May! Today, with the chill winds blowin outside and temps in the 30's, we just had to throw a French cassoulet together in the slow cooker, pull out a frozen tupperware container of last Fall's Asian pear harvest, and start rolling out the pastry crust for a pear and walnut galette, for dinner tonight with a couple of close friends. So nice to have a larder of fruits and vegetables that we put away in the Fall from our own property, and can enjoy them now in these late Winter times!

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