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Food for Shelters

A very cool circle...

Recently, Grow Y'own and a gracious benefactor gave 2 grow beds to a housing project of 8 formerly-homeless older folks from the St. Elizabeth's Shelter, here in Santa Fe. GYO set up, planted vegies and herbs, put in an automatic watering system, and continues to monitor their success. After 3 months, they are not only feeding the housing project, but they are 'giving back' food, almost daily, to the St. E's shelter, and one other organization!   

Anyone interested in funding a similar project here in Santa Fe for other shelters, the Food Depot, impoverished youth, Many Mothers, the Teen Parent Center, Adelante org., schools, other groups, or deserving individuals or families, please contact Ken at GYO and we'll get them set up and growing their own local, healthy, food supply. Blessings, and together we can feed all those who have a hard time feeding themselves, healthy and vital meals!

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