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Winter cover removal

Its May 13th, and its fine to remove your Winter covers, fold them up, and store them away in a safe spot, away from nibbling critters. IF there's a chance of a sudden drop in temps, or hail, you can put them back on till it passes. Otherwise, don't plan on using them again till late October or November.

For your Summer covers, tie them down every night so as to dissuade the nocturnal animals who want to do the most damage- mice, pack rats, squirrels, and rabbits. During the day, you can slide them up the hoops 1/2 way and clip them, to allow the beneficial insects and birds to come in and 'clean' house. Or, you can remove them entirely, and let the Spring sun and air boost their growing capacity. When the daily temps start to get blazing hot, leave your beds covered to some degree- either 1/2 clipped, up from the box about 3-4" clipped, or down. If you have the Deluxe Summer covers, you can open up either screened end and let the heat transpire out and the breeze in. Just make sure the strong winds aren't beating your little starts up. You can always close the flaps on the windward side, and open up the flaps on the leeward end.

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