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World Food Waste

Experts are saying that 30-50% of the world's food is being thrown away! So concluded at the Reuter's Food and Agricultural Summit in Chicago. The National Resources Defense council says that the average American throws away 33# month, or about $40 worth. That works out to about 400# per year

Agriculture is the world's largest user of water, a big consumer of energy and chemicals, and major emitter of greenhouse gases during production, distribution, and landfill decay. Reducing waste is a simple way to cut stress on the environment, while easing pressure on farmers

Dana Gunders, a Sustainable Specialist at the NRDC, says, "No matter how sustainable the farming is, if the food's not getting eaten, its not sustainable, and its not a good use of our resources"

The US EPA said that 33 million tons of food waste hit the landfills and incinerators in 2010. Increasing composting could boost soil health and drought resistance, while also easing the burden on landfills, and reducing decomposition of garbage into greenhouse gas methane

All of the above great reasons to grow y'own in small, contained beds, using what you need daily, eating totally 'fresh' and 'live' food, stopping the transportation of food thousands of miles to your table, which weighs heavily on the carbon footprint, supporting your local farmers and ranchers, eating organically, using minimal amounts of water, and feeling that sense of empowerment- that primal feeling of 'gathering' , that growing your own food supply can bring to your life! 

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