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Water-wise Gardening

One of the main reasons I developed the Grow Y'own Raised Bed gardening system with covers, was to reduce the need for using excessive amounts of water to grow food. The covers keep the soil from drying out so rapidly, and the whole environment works like a terrarium- once you deliver water to the system, it stays in the bed, condensing upwards to the inside of the covers, and dropping, over and over. The need for watering is highly limited. We water most beds 5-10 minutes a day, with 6" spaced 1/4" laser lines. These emit very slowly, drop by drop. In the Winter, we water about once a month- only several gallons at a time for a 4x8 bed.    

Here in the Southwest, water is everything. Collecting it is vital, and should be done whenever possible. And, the Grow Y'own system is the best way to use less, and grow more!

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