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The Organic Path

Whenever you choose the organic path, you're supporting a system of agriculture that provides for the health of the soil, water, air, farm workers and farm families, communities where farms are, and the health of the planet.

7 reasons to go organic, and grow your own food supply year round:

  1. Organic fruits and vegies are nutritionally rich
  2. Organic agriculture reduces our exposure to harmful pesticides
  3. Organic meat and dairy may contain more healthy fats
  4. Organic farming protects the environment
  5. Organic products are processed without hormones or antibiotics
  6. Organic foods don't contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  7. Organic practices support animal welfare

So go organic. Stop the carbon footprint of shipping foods thousands of miles. Know your food supply- how it was grown, tended, watered, and harvested. Give the gift of food to others. Grow Y'own!!

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