Hello Fellow Grow Y'owners! Its end of Summer, and time to harvest the season's crops, and plant seeds and starts for the Fall and Winter. Agua Fria Nursery, here in Santa Fe, has loads of starts and all your seeds needs. While you're there, check out the Grow Y'own bed that's overflowing with this Summer's plantings! Recommended plantings at this time of year would be chard, kales, kohlrabi, garlic after the first frost, beets, tatsoi, arugula, spinach, lettuces, peas, herbs- all except basil and cilantro, broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts.

Its been a very aberrant year for growing, beginning with the outrageous cold weather this past Winter, the long drought in the Spring, the winds that wouldn't quit till mid- June, and then the blessed rains that still continue to fall. We missed the early presence of lacewings, wasps, and ladybugs, and many struggled with the headache of aphids. Basic H soap and ladybugs were, and still are, 2 of the best remedies. Both can be bought at Agua Fria Nursery. I found that the chois- pak and red- were the worst culprits for attracting aphids, and wound up either suggesting their removal, or taking them out, myself, from beds.Bed aeration is key with the cover system, and I encourage you to clip the covers part-way, or half-way up during the day-(if wind or critters aren't a factor)- or even take them all the way off if its nice weather, and then put them back on at night and tie them off. The new Summer Deluxe covers have integrally- sewn in screens on the ends, with roll- up-and-tie flaps, that can be zipped open for better air flow. The new Winter Deluxe covers have eyebrow flaps on the ends that can be zipped open for heat release. Also, we are now putting 4" wide plastic greenhouse tape on the underside of the Summer covers, over the hoop locations, to reduce the friction ,abrasion , and tearing from wind and movement. I'm excited that this will give your covers a much longer life span, and reduce the necessities for repairs or replacements. I can repair your covers with this tape if necessary. I'm sorry that there have been problems with the polypropylene fabric, but it has been a Catch-22 since the beginning. The present fabric is a triple-weight, breathable, material that lets in 85% sunlight, while keeping out intense UV rays. The next weight fabric is twice as heavy, which would mean longer life, but it only lets in 46% sunlight. So, the choice has been to use the original 85% material, while searching for a cure to the tearing and disintegration. The material IS UV resistant, but its not permanent!

We've still got probably a month till you need to start putting on the Winter covers at night, but you never know! When the temps are going to start dropping into the low 40's, I'd begin using them. When they are going to get into the 30's, then its time to hook up the pot and light system with the EZ heat plug. Also, it will be time to unscrew your water timers and take them inside for the Winter, before we get a freeze. The timers will explode with the water in them if left out! You can start watering by hand, then, and it will depend on how warm it gets during the days, to determine how often. Just watch your plants, and if they look a little droopy, then give them a short shot! You can certainly mix in some compost, worm castings, Earth Magic from SF Greenhouses, winterized Yum Yum mix, or Age Old Growth from Agua Fria Nursery around all your plants before it gets really cold, to give them a boost going into Winter. If you have treated your boxes with an oil or stain on the outside in the past, then you could give them another coat before the Winter weather, to insure longer stability and life. I get the Hard Oil product from Bioshield in Sfe.

As of May 1st, we had to raise prices for the first time ever, due to gas and transportation costs. I have held out the old prices to past clients, and will continue to do so till the first of next year. So for any or you who are thinking of getting another bed or cover, this would be a good time to get in on the cost reduction! And remember, giving the gift of food in the form of a grow bed for Xmas to a friend, family member, or neighbor, is a wonderful way to say "join me in the free food movement"! You can pay only ? down now before Xmas, I'll give you a colorful gift certificate to present, and you can pay the balance in the early Spring when- ever you're ready to have us deliver and setup. We thank all of you for your orders in the past, and look forward to helping you grow successfully, and continuously, in the future. Please give us your feedback on our products, and send pictures of your beds. You can now email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also check out our new, expanded website at, and tell us your stories on the Grow Y'own facebook page! Till the next time, may you all continue to enjoy fresh, healthy, free food, and share your abundance with others! Grow On and Grow Profusely! Ken