Grow Y'Own Business For Sale

Grow Y’own biz for sale for excited gardening entrepreneurs! 

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Raised Bed Garden in Santa FeGot a patch of sunlight?

You can GROW Y'OWN herbs and vegetables winter, spring, summer and fall with Ken's hand-crafted hooped raised grow beds. These affordable, renewable mini-greenhouses are made in Santa Fe, New Mexico. GROW Y’OWN builds custom covered raised garden beds in many different sizes so you can have a garden no matter what your space.

Why a covered raised garden bed?

  • Grow a garden year round! Plant in spring, summer, and fall and harvest all year.
  • Minimal watering requirements.
  • Keeps out harsh winds and sun, and all critters.
  • A raised bed garden can go anywhere with at least ½ day of sun.

We provide Free local delivery of fully assembled units in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but nationwide shipping is also available.

Summer Bounty from a Grow Y'Own Raised BedContact Grow Y'Own!

GROW Y'OWN delivers free to the Santa Fe area with the units fully assembled.

We also ship orders anywhere UPS delivers. Easy-to-follow instructions included to ensure quick and easy assembly of the unit components. There are even videos to help you with the step by step process.

New GYO farmers have taken delivery in 30 states and Canada, and their crops have taken off.

Order a Grow Y'Own Raised Bed Today!

Greenhouse models can be seen at Agua Fria Nursery in Santa Fe.They also have all your gardening amendments, plus locally-grown, organic vegetable and herb starts-year round!


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